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The Roco and Fleischmann brands are two product lines from separately evolving histories that as of 2009 have amalgamated beneath one corporate umbrella.

Fleischmann is by far the older of the two brands having its beginning in 1887 as a metals finishing workshop. By the 1890’s toys became a part of the production and model trains entered the realm of the company in the late 1930’s. Since then Fleischmann has gained an ever increasing reputation for the manufacture of high quality model railroading equipment as sought out by enthusiasts from around the world.

Roco is a relative newcomer to the world of model train manufacture when compared to Fleischmann, having their beginning in 1960. Whatever Roco may lack in history they sure make up for in selection and enthusiasm! Always dependable and renowned for providing superb details as well as the most excellent value.

The partnership of these two brands has made for one of the most promising evolutions in recent model railroading history thus ensuring the continued availability of finely produced scale model trains, trackage and accessories for the present and well into the future.